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Magic Show in Essex

…and welcome to the magical world of Marko the Magician. This is your opportunity to turn your child’s party or event into something truly special and to make memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Marko (also universally known as Marko Sparko) is a professional magician with over 20 years experience and has enthralled thousands of audiences all over Essex, London and the South East of England. He has entertained at all types of events and in all kinds of venues, from the living room floor to a 900-year-old Norman Castle.

Children’s Parties

Children’s Entertainment

Marko is one of the most sought after entertainers in Essex and the surrounding area and has performed to literally thousands of children at homes, schools and special events. His unique blend of comedy, magic and old style charm and charisma will have audiences laughing and gasping throughout the show. Marko is considered an expert on children having spent many years as a child himself.

marko the magician children's entertainer in essex

Children’s Magic Shows

Marko’s appeal is universal and has entertained from 3-year-olds right through to very old people! (Some people were so old they spent the entire show asleep!). However, Marko is truly a specialist in the entertainment of younger audiences. His magic is amazing, funny and at times ridiculous, but will keep boys, girls and sleepy cats entertained from 45 minutes to 2-hour party extravaganzas.


Marko’s magic has fooled audiences all over the country. At times Marko has even been fooled himself until he looked up the explanation on YouTube. Drawings come to life, coins appear from nowhere and water passes straight through a spectator’s tummy. A mind-reading monkey and a magical sheepdog both regularly appear in Marko’s fantastical and magical show.

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How Much?

Prices start at £185 for the full 2-hour party, with games, comedy magic, balloon modelling, music and prizes for all. The hour show starts at £120. Marko can also provide a 45-minute show although this is generally only available Monday to Friday. Please phone for more details.

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